Find entry as a Freshman. UAH makes it simple to try to get entry.

Find entry as a Freshman. UAH makes it simple to try to get entry.

Prior to starting the job through re-charger updates, put an introduction to practise and analyze product criteria below. If you have any questions along the route, we’re here that can help!

Build Your Charger Standing Membership

Re-charger updates will allow you to get around the UAH admissions system.

Send The Application

Apply on the internet throughout your re-charger position accounts.

Get on your own re-charger updates accounts, distribute your application, and spend the nonrefundable $30 tool costs.

Each individual try considered based around specific quality and proven accomplishment in a strenuous educational surroundings. High-school training, mark aim ordinary, and ACT/SAT score are generally assessed heavily; however, these values never comprise the full base for an admission commitment. A candidate with a grade level ordinary of 2.9 and a composite get of 20 the work or an equivalent SAT get, eg, represents a very good choice for entrance. UAH doesn’t need emails of suggestions or an essay for admission attention.

Highschool seniors are required to own finished listed here courses:

Three tools of mathematics, contains Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry (Trigonometry can also be definitely recommended through the school of design and encouraged by all the other educational institutions).

Four units of historical past and/or cultural research.

Educational electives to satisfy the needed twenty Carnegie twelfth grade tools. These could add language, computer programming, faith, and viewpoint tuition along with higher-level practice and mathematics tuition.

Individuals with a reduction in the needed senior school programs might admitted in close waiting under specific situations. The deficiencies, however, must be treated through the first year of enrollment in a manner licensed by the worried team. Instruction taken up to cure entranceway inadequacies should not be regularly match diploma requisite.

Homeschool Children

All prospective children, whether in an excellent college or a homeschool regimen, must meet with the the exact same admissions criteria. Admissions actions depends on score and examination results earned with the student’s very first four numerous years of senior high school enrollment.

Licensed Homeschool Regimen Professionals

Children who have been finishing an accredited homeschool regimen or who’ve been adopting the course of a cover university are needed to adhere to these transcript standards:

Non-Accredited or Self-Designed Homeschool Plan Candidates

In an attempt examine each student’s application equitably, students who have been next a non-accredited or self-designed homeschool plan have to follow these transcript rules:

GED Readers

People that have perhaps not graduated from university perhaps said on the basis of an effective achieve on GED experience.

The application process for GED recipients is just like shown within the page, with one extra stage: submit your very own authoritative GED experience scores to your Admissions Office (smallest rating of 170).

UAH is actually an assessment focus for any GED application. Anybody desire more information or wishing to do the GED examination should make contact with your job of evaluating solutions at 256.824.6725.

Doubtful entrance will likely be granted on the basis of work or SAT results along with twelfth grade report through junior seasons. A final certified transcript expressing function finished in the elderly seasons and proof of graduation will likely be evaluated before students’s closing entry. If, after a student are acknowledge to your college, data concerns lamp that implies a job candidate did not see admission requirement, the candidate’s offer of entry is likely to be rescinded or transformed on discretion of institution.

Upload Your Own Transcript & Score

Full your application by posting the necessary documents.


Send your very own recognized transcripts of the audio to UAH through a digital offering provider. UAH allows formal transcripts from Parchment, Student Clearinghouse, and Scoir.

If your university has no access to these services, request that they submit your own certified hard-copy transcripts to:

UAH Admissions 301 Sparkman Disk Drive SSB, Suite 106 Huntsville, AL 35899

Your job of Admissions will most definately accept two official records for entry and grant concern. One transcript will likely be recognized in the course of product and ought to feature grades made during score 9-11. A single definitive transcript is going to be approved and really should add in grades regarding highschool training and a graduation date. As soon as students gives up a transcript on level of tool, no further revisions is going to be made to score for programs currently complete. For students with been to twin enrollment tools, one specific ultimate college or university transcript must be presented most likely coursework is over.

Most of us take ACT or SAT results listed on your own certified highschool transcript. Highschool graduates who have been of high school for 5 or longer ages might not be necessary to upload operate or SAT experience score.

Academic documents for school education was given beyond the U.S. is analyzed by a credential examination program and will consist of a document-by-document review and a mark stage regular for every single organization attended. Professionals have the effect of getting in touch with the review institution right so that the analysis company can send the official assessment report to UAH. Acceptable assessment providers contain Josef Silny & colleagues, Inc. Global Studies Experts, Industry Knowledge Business, Inc., Lisano Worldwide, or Spantran.

ACT/SAT score

Have your endorsed function or SAT scores delivered right to UAH because of the examination agencies.


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