I am a black colored girl staying in South Korea and on occasion even such things as getting for a bus can feel just like a sport that is extreme

I am a black colored girl staying in South Korea and on occasion even such things as getting for a bus can feel just like a sport that is extreme

My journey to South Korea came into being once I began being dissatisfied in the office.

I became being employed as a news that is hard for the paper book. I’d finished in order to become a broadcast journalist but jobs for the reason that industry had been difficult to find. I experienced to stay for composing – that I did not enjoy after all.

I made the decision to instruct English in an international nation, perhaps maybe not because it absolutely was a far better fit but because We had a need to regroup and just what better method to achieve that than by travelling.

I desired to rediscover my interests and I thought that the best way to accomplish that will be when you go to the furthest nation at home that you can.

Southern Korea appeared like a good option because a friend of mine had recently been here for nearly a 12 months. She had been teaching English in a single for the neighborhood schools and encouraged us to give it a shot for myself.

I experienced been interested in the nation, specially that this type of tiny nation had been in a position to quickly turnaround its financial place on the planet. But we realise now exactly just how little we knew about any of it.

But i believe also if I experienced done more digging, i believe nothing ever really makes you to definitely are now living in a different country. And you can find things you will only really confront if you are here in individual. As an example the atmosphere in Southern Korea is greatly polluted. We hardly ever really considered the level from it despite having done a bit of research.

‘How do individuals breathe right right here!?’ had been the very first thing that came in your thoughts once I first landed. The atmosphere ended up being that badly polluted.

The intense culture shock was like a slap in the face on the first day of my arrival in the country. In comparison to Southern Africa, Southern Korea is this kind of homogenous nation – once I arrived it appeared like every thing seemed and felt the exact same.

The initial weeks that are few confusing. Nothing made sense at all. Every thing had been printed in Korean and also at enough time i really couldn’t see the language.

This has been a 12 months now and I also could have supportive people within my part but i will be nevertheless struggling to order things on line, or even to order meals at restaurants because well, nobody actually talks English here – it isn’t them to – but it does make things tricky that I expect. Getting on a bus to operate ended up being like an extreme sport.

My awesome help system is composed of one other international instructors, my school and my recruiter but there were times We have longed for house particularly in the start. That is normal, i guess. Fortunately following the very first thirty days we came back to Southern Africa for just two months as it had been holiday at your workplace.

Finding its way back home made me realise just how much I’d changed this kind of a brief period of time that once I gone back to Southern Korea all the complaining concerning the meals, the style therefore the individuals stopped.

We realised I mean really I left South Africa for a reason that I cannot expect to find South Africa in South Korea.

Changing my mindset towards South Korea made me personally appreciate and find out the locals in a various light. I came across that the folks, tradition, and also the social scene is quite interesting and often funny.

You find out about the stereotypes people hold in regards to you. We came across an older South Korean guy whoever face experienced a number of thoughts from confusion to disbelief, him i was South African after I told. He could not exactly grasp the indisputable fact that we speak English in Southern Africa.

As a whole, We pointed out that South Koreans are available to foreigners but a very important factor We cannot overcome is the way the older generation stares at you while you are black colored.

My weirdest experiences in South Korea have already been with a few Chinese individuals (there is certainly a community that is sizeable). I’ve had moments where I’ve noticed them wanting to slip photos of me personally due to the colour of my epidermis and my locks. It creates me exceedingly uncomfortable like i am in a zoo or something like that.

Nevertheless the learning never ever stops being in Southern Korea has brought me personally out of my safe place. I won’t lie, in the beginning I becamen’t delighted however now i will be enjoying myself.

My experiences have actually prompted us to begin a Youtube channel I learnt in South Korea because I want share the life lessons. Travelling has really humbled me personally and revealed me personally exactly how little we actually have always been in the field.

I am hoping my channel will encourage visitors to travel also to look beyond their career that is immediate and something they never ever thought they would ever do.

My Youtube channel normally means in my situation to deal with my anxiety. Located in a nation where psychological problems are not taken really, I experienced to get techniques to cope and we thought Youtube will be the most readily useful medium I am a creative at heart it was a perfect fit for me since.

I realized that in South Korea think about psychological dilemmas become issues at all. They appear to think psychological infection is a reason become sluggish then when pay a visit to the pharmacy or even to the physician to inquire of for medicine they usually have absolutely nothing for you personally because it is not at all something they appear to treat freely right here.

There clearly was a large indifference to health that is mental.

The maximum training We have discovered is you when you are in their country that you shouldn’t expect people to adjust to. This is certainly like leaping in a pool of water with full knowledge which you cannot swim.

Watch: SNEAK PEAK – Ebony Girl in Southern Korea – my awesome and never therefore adventures that are awesome.

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